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This piece of cloth feels very soft, it will be very comfortable to make it into shirt for wearing.

This cloth is comparatively thin. Comparatively speaking,this cloth is thin.

Your box has been received but not for the wiper.Would you send me the drawing of wiper? We will send you the quotation ASAP. It is known to all, color differences may exist in different batches of cloth. For the consistency in...

lifeEnglishman 的翻译已挺到位,个别地方可以更精准简练些,稍作调整后下下所示 ---> 我收到了你的盒子,但是我没有收到擦拭布,您能提供一下擦拭布的图稿吗?我将尽快给您提供报价。 I have received your box, but not the wiping cloth. Cou...

This kind of cloth feels very soft

This clothing fabric is really soft. soft = 柔软

this kind of cloth is quite soft, you can feel it when you touch it.

涂银布,这种布料 Silver cloth, this kind of cloth

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . .What can we do with these clothes?


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