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回答问题. Is your grAnDpA young?

Yes,he is或者No,he isn't



heavy, funny, kind2.能掌握句型:Who’s your.....(My grandpa is old, my mother is young……I...2.听录音,回答对话后的问题3.再听一遍,要求学生...

My grandpa is old, but he looks young.

这是中国式英语了 英文里面没有这种说法 可以改成 My grandpa isn't young enough to look afer himself.

My grandpa and grandma were taking care of me when I was young

A VERB 动词 行走(一段路程) If you cover a particular distance, you travel that distance. 【语法信息】:V n •It would not be easy to cover ten miles on that amount of petrol... 就那么点儿汽油很难开10英里。 •It covere...

grandma [ˈgrænmɑ:] n.奶奶;外婆 grandpa [ˈgrænpɑ:] n.[口语]爷爷;外公 aunt [ɑ:nt] n.(姑,伯,婶,舅,姨)母 cousin [ˈkʌzən] n.堂(或表)兄弟,堂(或表)姊妹 tall [tɔ:l] a.(身材)高的;难以置...

21. The young dancers looked so charming in their beautiful clothes that we took ______________ pictures of them. A. many of B. large amounts of C. the number of D. a good deal of 选(B) 牛津英语模块五第二单元练习题及答案 Unit ...


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