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1.hE is FEEls ColD. 2.hE FEEls ColD. 请问那句是...

2对,不用is了 你理解的对

What's the matter with you? How does he feel?

3,rest 是及物动词,不可以做系动词。

1.water前加to 2. 改为 He has better see the docter 3. more tidy 4. they改成them 5. ours改成our 6. a去掉 7.too改成either 8.like 改成likes

1 Yes, he is.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . 1 swim--swimming 2 feels-feel 3 happy-happily 4 正确 5 What does he do? 6 have--has

按照你给的example 1, 把he/walk,变成 What is he doing. He is walking. 应当是把名词和动词组合起来,变成现在进行时的疑问句和回答。 1. they/sing 答案是:What are they doing? They are singing. 2. he/play tennis 答案是: What is he ...

1现在进行时,表示他正在喝牛奶 2现在完成时(发生在过去但对现在还有影响),用has/have,他说他喝完牛奶了。不用is的原因是前面有He says,表示在他说话的时候牛奶已经喝完,所以用完成时。如果用is drinking就是边说话边喝牛奶,显然是错误的。...

1.Are those your families?还原你的句子:That is my family.变为复数:Those are my families. 再变为一般疑问句,谓语提前,记得把“我的”改为“你的”。以此类推,自己做后面的吧~

Swim keeps me happy. I feel happy. He is talking happily. He wants to go home. (没错) What does he do? He has an apple.


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