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1.hE is FEEls ColD. 2.hE FEEls ColD. 请问那句是...

He is ill. 主语He,谓语动词/系动词is,表语ill。 He is a teacher. 主语He,谓语动词/系动词is,表语a teacher。

Lesson 62 A 1 He has a cold. 2 He can't go to work. 3 He is not well. 4 He feels ill. 5 He must see a doctor. 6 He does ...

表语从句 因为系动词后面是表语,现在用一个从句做表语,所以它是表语从句

1 Yes, he is.

他是 他做

1.He 主,is not系, my friend表. 2.He 主,will not come谓.

小题1:Yes, he did.小题2:Three.小题3:No, he can’t. 试题分析:小题1:.本文的第二句He had a bad cold and coughed day and night.提到约翰患了重感冒并且咳嗽。所以本问题的回答是肯定的,故本题应填Yes, he did.小题2:.本文第二段第二句Take...

It seemed that he had known it She didn't know how to do next 3反义疑问句 isn't he 祝你学习进步

1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. T


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