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disappoint是动词原形,disappoint 为动词,意思是让……失望、令……失望 英英释义:fail to meet the hopes or expectations of;to make sb feel sad because sth that they hope for or expect to happen doesn't happen. 例句: she says she d...

disappoint是及物动词,一般后面不接介词的。你说的应该是它的ed形式用法: be disappointed about/ with/at sth. be disappointed in sb.

disappointed是指人对什么事情感到失望 disappointing是什么事情令人失望,令人失望的 disappoint是个动词,使失望 disappointment是名词,失望 He is a disappointment. His answer is disappointing. I was disappointed by his answer.

1. be disappointed 后接介词,情况比较,大致区别如下: (1) 表示对某人感到失望,通常用介词 with, in。如: I’m disappointed in you! How could you have lied likethat? 你让我失望了,你怎么能像那样说谎呢? My parents will be disappoin...

(1) disappointing 表示“令人失望的”的意思,一般用于事物给人的感觉。 例句:Lunch tended to be an even more disappointing affair. 午餐往往是一件更令人失望的事情。 That may be disappointing to bankers and some investors, but it wou...

前者是vt.\ vi.即及物和不及物动词。而disappointed 是形容词或者是 过去式。通常是说,ed 修饰人。ing 修饰物。 因此,都是用disappointed,做宾补(时态不同而已)和表语。 希望对你有用。

前者来自于disappoint,使失望,加ed变成了形容词。 depress 是动词,是沮丧的意思。 词性不一样是不能互换的。 depressed 形容词,沮丧的 很高兴为你解答! 老师祝你学习进步! 望采纳,多谢你的问题!^_^

都不对 let表示一种允许的意思 make 则含有迫使的意思 这里应该用make make me disappointed 让我失望

disappoint 失望 双语对照 词典结果: disappoint [英][ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt][美][ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt] vt.使失望; 使破灭,使落空; vi.使失望; 第三人称单数:disappoints过去分词:disappointed...


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