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mysql 时间排序问题

-------------------------------------------方法1select * from (selecttablename_tmp.*,@rownum:=@rownum+1 ,if(time >=DATE_FORMAT(now(),'%Y-%m-%d %H:00') ,@rank:=@rank+1,@rank:=0) as rankfrom (select * from tablename order by time...

select * from tab order by date DESC,table_id DESC

Mysql语句是:select * from Product as p order by p.addtime desc limit 6 Hibernate的DAO类中的语句是:from Product as p order by p.addtime desc limit 6

select CONVERT(NVARCHAR(100),a.字段,23) as ShiJian FROM 表名 a ORDER BY a.字段 desc

有两个思路 1、按照各自的活动状态先排序,插入到临时表,最后再union all所有结果集 create temporary table tmp1select * from tb where 活动状态='筹备中' order by 开始时间;create temporary table tmp2select * from tb where 活动状态='...

show table status语法:SHOW TABLE STATUS [{FROM | IN} db_name] [LIKE 'pattern' | WHERE expr],所以无法用sql语句来排序,请自行手动排序,谢谢~~~

select DATE_FORMAT(order_Date,'%Y-%m-%d') orderDate from order group by orderDate order by orderDate DESC 即可!

order by abs(month(now())-month(birthday)),abs(day(now())-day(birthday))

当你的表示myisam时: SELECT * FROM tbl -- this will do a "table scan". If the table has never had any DELETEs/REPLACEs/UPDATEs, the records will happen to be in the insertion order, hence what you observed.

MySQL的date时间存储一般都建议是时间戳,存储的时候用的是int, 不建议用varchar


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